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About The Phone Metal Enclosures You Do Not Know About Things
Jun 08, 2017

Metal enclosures now seems to have become the standard mobile phone, up to the high-end atmosphere of the iPhone6S, down to hundreds of pieces of low-end domestic models, a variety of Metal enclosuress become common practice. In the purchase of mobile phones, Metal enclosuress even become a hard target, because the metal seems to have been equated with the quality. In fact, many models are basically the same in appearance, but open the fuselage to observe the difference can be found.

High-quality Metal enclosures, whether it is feel, life than the low-end Metal enclosures better, the corresponding price is also higher. But it looks and not much difference, the general user simply can not tell, virtually for the "white" pick up the phone caused trouble. And even a lot of "pseudo-metal" mixed among them, which are worthy of our vigilance.

True and false "Metal enclosures"

Engineering plastics and metal is the current mainstream mobile phone shell material, plastic cheap, performance is also good, the most critical is the production of small, so it has been widely used before; and all the metal is the legacy of Steve Jobs, the perfect Doors of the technician temperament of the CEO stubbornly adhere to the plastic into metal, in order to make the iPhone in the design can be more perfect.

Facts have proved that Steve Jobs's insistence is correct, the Metal enclosures to the phone, whether it is the appearance or technology is a qualitative leap. Under the protection of a solid shell, the current smart phone thickness can be done below 7 mm, Diaoqi and other issues have completely become history, the famous "anodized aluminum metal technology" has become synonymous with high-end machine.

In fact, the Metal enclosures of the production process in the later alienation occurred, there have been "three-stage" pseudo-Metal enclosures. The use of this design body is not a complete metal, but by the three pieces of material stitching, above and below is the plastic material. In order to make the three-stage design looks more uniform, manufacturers tend to be on both ends of the plastic material sprayed with the same color of metal surface paint.

Compared with the real all-Metal enclosures, the stability of this structure is even worse, the use of integrated design of the real all-Metal enclosures to face the impact of external force is not easy to damage, which is plastic and metal together can not match; Metal enclosures phones are often more thin, integrated metal frame to save more of the fuselage internal space.

"Pseudo-metal" seems to have become a lot of domestic models faint pain, because the slogan of the propaganda and the actual situation is not really consistent. Which is less than the price of thousands of dollars produced by the inevitable result, in the objective to pull down the entire industry standard, but also to a certain extent, caused the loss of user experience.

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