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Aluminum Alloy Chassis To Buy What You Want?
Sep 10, 2016

For aluminum alloy chassis, many consumers are more understanding, but is also quite popular in the market, so when in the purchase of aluminum alloy chassis are generally required to pay attention to what?

1, in the constant viewing material is aluminum alloy, and that distinguish galvanized, said Tin. But for high strength aluminum alloy and is relatively light in weight

2, generally after the material is determining, constantly view drive, and that the floppy disk drive, however a position interface, however did meet the requirements, and good to see USB audio interfaces and said, need to have a good scalability and said to be easier to use a feature of points.

3, a known chassis cooling is very important. For fans, can be produced by a heat sink to the chassis of an important role. So we need to see if the fan, as well as with several fans, of course, if the noise is too large. Is generally where you want to view openings are more reasonable.

4, but in General if the fan is in use for too long after, you will accumulate more dust, said dusty of course will also effect the chassis of a speed, and also increase noise. So we should be able to dust, metal filters generally is a necessary device to dust.

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