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Cabinet Reduces Corrosion Layout Optimization Is Important
Sep 10, 2016

Cabinet with the increase of machine room, and constantly needs and development requirements of outdoor equipment for Cabinet's development to a new stage, facing the Cabinet a lot of use, daily problems the attention did you consider? Cabinet is not just to find a place to put the can be put into use, it needs to take into account many elements in the planning process, due to the use of Cabinet will face harsh environment questions in terms of layout, chassis cabinets adapted to the environment is an important issue. In order to make the Cabinet better equipped to face the harsh environment, its surface is very important factor, chassis cabinets some paint disposal in order to prevent corrosion. Is also suitable for Cabinet manufacturing, spraying spray paint after late needs examination. Detection methods can be divided into wet and film mode detection testing in two ways. Chassis machine Cabinet of most of corrosion problem are is can after reasonable of layout planning to for prevent of; water is corrosion of source, chassis machine Cabinet equipment layout planning especially directly of show and outdoor of equipment, so should as of prevent water layout; as in planning Shang, chassis machine Cabinet due has drainage layout, in can water of local added open drainage hole; welding should selection series welding skills, do can elimination gap and concave pit layout, prevent water, and dust and salt fog.

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