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Chat Server Chassis
Sep 10, 2016

Due to machine frame type chassis of width and height are is fixed of, if wants to more loaded things, only in length (depth) Shang fuss, General machine frame type chassis volume by 16.7 "x1.7" x14 ", 16.7" x1.7 "x17", 16.7 "x1.7" x22.6 ", 16.7" x1.7 "x25", this several specifications, recommends in purchase 1U chassis Shi, first see about you by used have Board suitable which species size, again asked about managed room are support which several size, In order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Because the server uses the CPU frequency is usually more heat is also great, and some are dual-CPU or multi-CPU, plus high speed SCSI hard drives and power supply, which heat from the usually large, 1U narrow environments, each part's temperature rose sharply. It is well known that heat affects the stability of key issues, CPU overheating problem is not uncommon, but rather the server requirements for stability is the top priority, and in this case, the thermal design of the server, it becomes about the stability of the system of a very important point. So when choosing a frame chassis, cooling questions to consider first.

P3 era can be said to any 1U chassis can get, is also the traditional CPU fan heatsink + fan mode. CPU such as P4 Prescott is now hot Tiger, on the simple chassis need a extra large cooling fan, now in a 1U chassis, if with a traditional heat sink + fan-cooling, the effect was devastating. Brand chassis for this approach to be taken is the use of heat + hood, forced hot air from the outside of the chassis.

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