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Electronic Cabinets Production Requirements Elements
Jul 11, 2017

Today, the company to give you the introduction is this content, I hope you through the introduction of this article, you can make the Electronic Cabinets production requirements and other aspects of the content of a certain understanding and understanding, the following together to look at the relevant introduction to it:

Electronic Cabinets are now widely used in factories and daily life which brought us a lot of personal benefits, and Linhua Electronics has also been everyone's attention and recognition, then the production technology requirements which, a clear understanding of the requirements, the choice It will be much simpler.

Lin Hua electronic production requirements in the very strict, in the strict requirements of the production of the product quality is naturally superior, and be recognized. The technical requirements are based on specific circumstances to design, for example, can be because the work environment, customers can also be required to achieve the purpose of combining these two points to the manufacturing, so as to produce a very good effect The

In a request is the safety measures to do better, but also more practical, so that, whether in use or in the event of an accident to protect the security issues. The second requirement is to shape in a certain range to be beautiful, colorful in color with. Only to meet the needs of the community now, has been recognized by the public Electronic Cabinets, cabinet production requirements of enterprises can be better and better.

Network Electronic Cabinets Different application requirements

Choose a deeper network Electronic Cabinets, you can put two sets of equipment back to back to install, so as to install more equipment. Of course, try to use the height of the network cabinet is not the only consideration, the rear of the network Electronic Cabinets also has a lot of places can be used. This is the reason to measure the depth of the network cabinet.

In the above way, two rows of equipment can be loaded in the network Electronic Cabinets, one row from the front door of the Electronic Cabinets, and the other row from the back door. The cabinet should have an adjustable vertical rail frame that can be loaded at different depths while keeping the cabinet at a minimum depth depending on the depth of the equipment.

After calculating the Electronic Cabinets space, but also consider the production room you love me love the size of love. You will not want to see the stuffed Electronic Cabinets soon after the discovery and then reload some equipment. Once you have bought and installed the cabinet, these extra devices often appear.

Therefore, as a basic principle, the Electronic Cabinets height to 20% to 30% to prepare the system expansion. These spaces also improve the ventilation conditions of the equipment. The equipment with the bracket does not need to consider the width, because it is designed according to the width of the cabinet.

As the total weight of the equipment is often not light, so to choose a strong structure of the force, a solid network Electronic Cabinets. In the Electronic Cabinets, the weight of the equipment determines whether the selected carriage is standard or heavier, and also determines the choice of some other accessories.

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