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Electronic Chassis Cooling Design
Sep 10, 2016

Any components after heating, the parameters will change, performance may bring adverse effects beyond a certain range of temperature will also cause damage to the components, and cause the machine to malfunction. Thermal design of content, is to analyze heat and the working environment, appropriate measures for different situations, in order to discharge heat, control temperature and achieve stable operation of the month.

From the point of view of natural cooling, printed circuit boards should be positioned horizontally (component side up), or vertically, makes access to free air circulation within the chassis, components of heat within the chassis top or air circulation channel of exit. In the case of guarantees for electrical insulation, you can direct women's high power devices in the side of the metal chassis or back plate, metal sheets up to the role of the heatsink.

According to the principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer convection, conduction, radiation three forms. Thermal design is based on the characteristics of different products, in various forms, accelerate the cooling heat sink are the following.

(1) the ventilation holes (2) heat sink (3) forced air cooling

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