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Fine Network /server Cabinets Raiders Raiders
Jul 01, 2017

Generally for the establishment of the engine room, such as computer network equipment, electronic equipment stack, there are wireless communications equipment placement requires network /server cabinets applications. The next to talk about the difference between the network /server cabinets and the pros and cons of contrast.

The role of the cabinet is to have the ability to enhance the electromagnetic shielding function can weaken the overall equipment noise, reduce the corresponding equipment area and other performance advantages, and now also introduced a number of high-end cabinets, but also has the air filter function, from the overall increase The quality of the equipment working environment.

The network cabinet is usually installed, the panel, box, plug-in, device or electronic components, mechanical parts to install, etc. so that it constitutes a unified and unified installation box, according to the current type of view, the capacity of the general Are in the range of 2V to 42V.

The network /server cabinets is collectively referred to in the IDC room, and is usually a special type of cabinet, a combination of installation plug-in, panel, device or electronic component such as server, UPS or display, and so on, constitute a unified whole Of the installation box, the server cabinet for the normal work of electronic equipment to provide appropriate environment and security capabilities.

So for different network /server cabinets has a different function, we have to choose according to the actual needs of the appropriate cabinet Caixing.

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