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How Does The Electronic Cabinets Handle Vibrations In The Working State?
Jul 11, 2017

For the electronic cabinets, the high-quality processing technology can be a good way to avoid the development of failure, and improper handling will cause processing errors, so we installed, the isolation system is very important.

Often, when the cabinet is in the working state, it will certainly produce a certain degree of vibration, but if the time is too long, the internal equipment will also cause damage. In this case, the installation of vibration isolation system will reduce a certain degree of damage.

For this damage caused by the phenomenon, will be arranged in advance a complete set of inspection measures to detect the problem. If this is the case, it is certainly possible to meet the requirements of the electronic cabinets.

The application principle of the vibration isolation system is such that it is equivalent to the role of a shock absorber. In this way, the internal resonance of the electronic cabinets can be amplified because the time is short, so the transmission rate is relatively low, Have too much impact.

We usually mention the electronic cabinets, in order to be able to ensure its normal work, we need to pay attention to what aspects?

Another thing is that for the load-bearing, we in addition to a solid shape guarantee, but also what precautions? Here we give you about the specific considerations:

In the process of installing the electronic cabinets, we need to consider where the door of the chassis cabinet should be, we must keep the chassis door and the ground distance, the general situation, should be controlled at 25mm or so, the cabinet cabinet door design must ensure Using screw design. In this way, you can guarantee a good switching effect. In addition, for the electronic cabinets, the electronic cabinets solid frame structure can also play a strengthening effect on the equipment, but also in the component fixation, it can also have some help. For the power cabinet, the load-bearing hinge can play a very good load-bearing role, and the use of load-bearing hinges conducive to the handling of internal equipment.

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