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How To Avoid Color Problems In The Purchase Of Metal Boxes Packaging
Jun 20, 2017

There are many businesses customized a number of Metal Boxes packaging, found that the hand of the product and the original design of the draft has a more obvious color, then the business procurement of Metal Boxes packaging how to avoid color problems?

1. Select the regular manufacturers, metal printing not only need a good printing machinery, but also the need for skilled technical staff, only the formal Metal Boxes packaging manufacturers in order to better protect the printing effect.

2. Provide accurate design or color reference. In the Metal Boxes packaging manufacturers to customize the Metal Boxes, you can provide an accurate color value or a detailed sample for the printing plant reference, and clearly express your desired color effect, so as to make the printing plant close to the expected printing effect.

There are many reasons for the formation of printing color difference, objectively speaking, the color of the Metal Boxes printing and design draft is almost impossible to achieve, in the printing can only try to close the design draft color. But as long as the printing to take some of the factors into account, you can as much as possible to reduce color.

Metal Boxes packaging and ordinary plastic bag packaging is different, not only in the price, more importantly, the Metal Boxes packaging can provide better packaging effect. In use, we can feel it is not the same application performance.

Performance 1, easy to use. Now many drinks and food cans are combined with easy-to-open covers, which adds convenience to the use of today's fast-paced life, getting the traveler's unanimous any.

Performance 2, good barrier performance. Metal Boxes packaging can not only block such as air, oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide and other gases, but also shading, especially blocking ultraviolet light, it will not cause the package of deliquescence, deterioration and fragrance changes.

Performance 3, processing adaptability. Due to the good metal ductility, the complex molding process can achieve high precision, high speed production. Such high productivity allows the Metal Boxes to be packaged at a lower cost to meet the large demand of the consumer.

Performance 4, excellent mechanical properties. Because the Metal Boxes packaging rigidity, easy to operate, can withstand the collision, vibration and stacking, easy to transport and storage, so that the sales radius of goods greatly increased.

Performance 5, good thermal conductivity. The use of food canned metal heating, cooling efficiency, can improve the effect of high temperature sterilization, rapid cooling, and it is possible to achieve the contents of the tank cooking.

Of course, in addition to application performance, the Metal Boxes packaging without losing the aesthetics, in the design can be accompanied by colorful graphic printing, but also add the beauty of the goods, but also for people to give gifts to provide a new choice.

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