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How To Determine Cabinet Quality
Sep 10, 2016

Chassis cabinets directly under the influence of manufacturing process quality, high technology will not float to the edge of the chassis plate edges, sharp, burrs and other phenomena, and exposed corners by folding handle, easy to scratch the machine's hand. Each card slot location of the precise proportionality, not suffused with accessories not installed or misplaced embarrassment. How improvements in the processing problems in the Cabinet?

1. surface treatment of metal parts: there are painting and plating which resists rust, on the surface forming a layer of protective film and antistatic SI, chassis, interior design special instructions: less quality chassis body paint, electroplating treatment. Chassis with poor cheap materials in a tank normally baking spray, plating process. Brand is in addition to the differences in quality between cabinet design topics. Previously the chassis using the screw design, installation and ultimately, to a handful of screws and a screwdriver to install and disassemble abnormal trouble, time-consuming chassis now uses the Ribbon-type or screw design to facilitate Assembly and disassembly, greatly improved the installed speed. Not only outside the chassis without screws, even the Interior has improved thrust design, use a plastic card to the internal parts. Brand-name generally used in the design of the chassis manual screw, quick removal without using a screwdriver from a lot of installation hardware often hard.

2, cabinet designs, as the server. Colors besides black and white, good chassis in the appearance panel design with a variety of features, styling and decent, stable and yet lively. Color, and gives the impression both eye-catching and useful.

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