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How To Keep Clean The Chassis?
Sep 10, 2016

Heat sink is the first step we should clean up, first with a rag or brush clean the heatsink surface area of dust, heat sink is then soaked in alcohol. So get stuck in cracks in the massive dust to soften the heat sink, cleaned up more easily. Splitting knife a cotton swab or toothpick, clean dirt with it into the heatsink, to each radiator cleaned carefully. Again, after cleaning place the heat sink in alcohol, make sure the heatsink does not stay in the dirt. Because of a deep crack in the radiator, alcohol is not easy to dry, it is best to dry before the heat sink fan, and then install it.

Final cleaning the fan is OK, brush to dust the fan blades for processing, this step is relatively easy. In order to eliminate the noise, we also need the fan add lubricant roller parts. With a screwdriver carefully peel off sticker behind the fan, exposing the rubber plug, manual rotate in, let the lubricant into the bearing. Finally installed the fan, when the PC runs a few seconds later, lubricating oil evenly around the bearing, noise reduced, fan heat better.

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