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Is The Metal Enclosures Case Better Than Plastic?
Sep 26, 2017

Obviously, anyone likes the good things, we are the same as the requirements of the phone. Metal enclosures of the phone than the plastic shell texture is better, has become one of the many users of the purchase criteria. However, there are still many high-end phones do not choose Metal enclosures, the most important reason is the cost of the problem. In addition to higher cost, metal on the phone signal shielding effect, but also increased the design difficulty.

So, Metal enclosures phone must be perfect? Obviously not the case. Such as the famous iPhone 5, using an anodized aluminum backplane, when it is brand new, no doubt looks very perfect. But with the passage of time, you will find the metal surface easily because of inadvertently bump and appear out paint phenomenon, because the metal panels need to go through the plating to achieve the desired color manufacturers, which is obviously a problem. In addition, the recent famous "iPhone 6 curved door" event, but also from a perspective to reflect the problems of metal mobile phones. After all, the general strength of aluminum is not very good, unless it is similar to Vetru and other luxury phones used in the aviation grade precious Metal enclosures.

This is not for the plastic shell phone excuse. Most of the plastic body looks very cheap, although it is not easy to paint, but there may be a combination of not close, in the hands of creak and so on. In addition, consumers no doubt prefer the Metal enclosures, even if easy to bump, Diaoqi, but more beautiful is the absolute attraction, which is why the Samsung mobile phone custom plastic shell was criticized reasons. But fair to say that the market is also no shortage of plastic body with a fine body, such as Lumia series; even Samsung, but also in the design language, through the metal frame and plastic back cover to achieve a better texture.

So how should you choose? Obviously, regardless of metal or plastic shell phone, can have a good quality, which depends on the manufacturers of skill. So, there is no absolute good and bad, but according to the specific product. Of course, the user's personal preference is also a key factor.

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