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Metal Enclosures Material Advantages
May 25, 2017

The market is the use of Metal enclosures material and plastic shell material is more, and the two have a certain advantages and disadvantages, from the texture and appearance, the Metal enclosures texture is better, the appearance is also higher, but the shortcomings easily Paint, the phone signal also has a certain impact. In contrast, plastic shells are more lightweight to use, the price is relatively cheap, but the appearance looks relatively cheap, nor is the excellent thermal conductor.

So for our ordinary users, what is the difference between the two materials, plastic is not cheaper than the metal? In the purchase, which should choose which one? Then we take a look at the pros and cons of both.

First talk about plastic material

Metal enclosures Plastic is the most common material of the mobile phone shell, Samsung's vast majority of mobile phones, Nokia Lumia series WP system phone, are plastic shell of the stickers. Today, many people mentioned plastic material, feel cheap plastic, texture is not strong, no metal, glass appearance "tall". But plastic as the longest history of the material, no doubt, the manufacturing process has been more mature.

The maturity of the manufacturing process brings us more affordable costs, greater plasticity, and greater signal reception. Another great advantage of plastic is durable, not prone to scratches, and easy to hand.

Cost of this piece, a lot of people think that plastic from the material itself, the product is forced to look too cheap. In fact, there is a misunderstanding, put aside our subjective bias, the price alone on the hardware itself, in fact, almost, more people just feel the heart. For manufacturers, metal and plastic, the biggest cost lies in the production process and product yield.

Metal enclosures Second, then talk about metal material

The advantage of metal material is texture and feel better, the disadvantage is poor signal acceptance, the surface is easy to leave the use of traces, low yield led to higher costs.

Metal is the most hot material, iPhone6, millet 4, glory 7 and other popular mobile phones are used, is also the most difficult to control the material. We prefer metal as a mobile phone material, because the metal in terms of texture and touch, have a plastic than the "tall" temperament. Before that, metal and plastic, the biggest cost is the production process is complex and the yield of finished products is low.

Metal as a mobile phone material, high cost and complex process.

Mobile phone signal, the metal material of the phone, the antenna must be used almost external design, so as to ensure the smooth signal.

Metal enclosures After all, everything is double-sided, can not be exhaustive, but the face of four or five thousand dollars high-end metal mobile phone or nearly a thousand dollars in the low-end plastic shell phone, in order to make up for its lack, we should also be targeted to make Change, such as the following:

Red rice 2 simple leather: simple and very thin, for the plastic body heat Ye Hao, with support function, good viewing effect

IPhone6 color shell: fashion gradient pick color, high-quality PC material, durable, protected from every detail, did not affect the signal

IPhone6 Yi Sui: fashion slim, high-quality TPU material, non-toxic and tasteless, shock and anti-drop, fashion multi-color choice.

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