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Network /server Cabinets Internal Parts Life
Jul 21, 2017

Whether it is a network / Network /server Cabinets or other cabinets, are a certain life, the cabinet is also the internal accessories, and today to introduce the internal use of the Network /server Cabinets parts loss and service life.

The engine room or enterprise self-use Network /server Cabinets equipment to do regular testing, timely detection of possible problems, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the Network /server Cabinets internal parts have to do regular checks.

Network /server Cabinets internal parts of the inspection depends mainly on the exhaust is the fan, there is no exception, whether to ensure that the Network /server Cabinets internal equipment, the normal heat, to detect the internal temperature of the cabinet; Also note that the Network /server Cabinets internal power use and Wear, minimize accidents.

The overall self-test of the Network /server Cabinets is unavoidable! Timely find the problem to solve the problem in order to extend the Network /server Cabinets and cabinet internal parts of the service life! At the same time it is also saving the company costs for the company to reduce unnecessary losses!

Network /server Cabinets repair and maintenance: the fastening of the contacts often check and tighten, focus on checking the presence of metal conductor lap caused by short circuit phenomenon, to do a good job maintenance records and statistics.

Packaging, transportation and storage

Packaging: The Network /server Cabinets is packed in wooden box or carton.

Transportation: The Network /server Cabinets is packed in a wooden box and can be transported by car, train, ship or airplane. In the transport process should avoid collision, fall, rain and snow directly hit the sun and sun exposure.

Storage: The Network /server Cabinets should be stored in a well-ventilated, dry warehouse, there should be no corrosive gas around the existence of storage temperature of -25 ~ +25 ℃.

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