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New Generation Industrial Chassis Design Trends
Sep 10, 2016

For a complete computer system chassis do not seem to account for a large part of the cost, but with regard to ensure the normal operation of the system, chassis plays an important role. First, the chassis for its internal arrangements for a suitable location for each component, which protect the system from the external environment and condition of interference, including extreme temperature conditions (for example, in Russia and the Middle East, outdoor applications), continuous vibration environments (such as a car or marine applications) as well as unexpected impacts the environment. In addition, the chassis can help prevent electromagnetic interference. Negative interference of electromagnetic interference in the equipment at the same time, it will also affect the body's hormonal and immune system. Industrial chassis is often used for a variety of application environments and encounter more complex environmental factors, so compared with the commercial chassis, chassis for all critical tasks.

Modern computer applications is not limited to simple factory conditions, more and more new applications have begun to emerge. Industrial computers from a professional factory technicians to more ordinary users, such as gas station workers, supermarket cashiers, bank tellers and other service workers. Industrial computers and business computer in the past clearly now are gradually becoming blurred.

With the emergence of new international markets, such as the BRICs (Brazil, and Russia, and India and China) and the Middle East, industrial computer applications demand more widely. Meanwhile, global warming, humans are facing dramatic climate change. Hope industrial computers now and in the future more harsh weather environment will have the same excellent performance. In addition, outdoor application of industrial computer demand continued to increase, such as gas stations, ski lifts and a traffic control centre.

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