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Notebook Metal Enclosures Knowledge Popular
Jun 08, 2017

Metal enclosures is a symbol of high-end, it is not only a high strength, its unique texture and touch also make the notebook quite significant grade. But the Metal enclosures is not simple, in the material technology innovation, the notebook Metal enclosures there are many types of various manufacturers have the processing technology is also different. J today Pepsi small series will let everyone understand the notebook Metal enclosures of different characteristics.

Knowledge of the expansion of the notebook shell in the selection of raw materials with special requirements, low weight, high strength of the threshold, the price should be acceptable, so that the alloy substrate can only lithium, beryllium, sodium, magnesium, aluminum five light metal select. But this one, lithium and sodium chemical activity is too strong, at room temperature can produce a strong chemical reaction; and beryllium is not only a small number, there is a certain toxicity. In this case, magnesium and aluminum will become the main force.

However, both magnesium and aluminum properties of their own or there are defects, so in these two kinds of substrate by adding a variety of elements, the formation of alloys, complement each other. While the different materials, different proportions of the addition, formed thousands of aluminum and magnesium alloys, and gave them the unique properties of these alloys.

Aluminum alloy title is not very accurate, because the aluminum alloy has nearly ten major categories of thousands of formulations, then, what is the most use of notebook aluminum? In fact, whether it is stamping aluminum shell or one of the aluminum shell, most of the use of aluminum-magnesium alloy, that is, about 5% of the magnesium added to the magnesium, there are less than 1% content of chromium, iron, silicon, copper, Materials, such aluminum-magnesium alloy is also classified as rust-proof aluminum alloy, you can not external processing.

Summary: Although the same Metal enclosures, but the material is different, coupled with differences in processing methods, so there is still a big difference between each other. And this, there are a lot of metal materials due to their own characteristics, often need to paint and other exterior processing. But the lack of metallic qualities, but let a lot of consumers suspected of their metal identity. In fact, the appropriate external processing can not only avoid the defects of the metal material itself, at the same time, for improving the touch of the notebook, the appearance experience is also no small benefit to the Metal enclosures, can not exclude the exterior.

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