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Server Storage And Energy Saving Strategies
Sep 10, 2016

Existing energy-saving technologies are not taken into account the main factor of growth in demand for electricity, was thinking about how to reduce overall energy costs. Enterprise data center energy savings while improving efficiency, in fact, there's a more effective way. As long as the efficient storage of data, reducing the number of machines and disks, you can address the rapid growth in energy consumption. This strategy can reduce the complexity of the system, reduce costs, to improve network efficiency and performance, and to respond better to new businesses demand.

1. consolidation of servers and storage systems

Server itself consumes half of the energy in the data center, while the storage system is another major energy consumer. In fact, Windows data growth, leading to a window the number of file servers and direct-attached storage systems increased. Therefore, simply set up a storage network, consolidating servers and storage systems, reduce the number of equipment, data centers can quickly increase the available energy, improve energy efficiency.

2. selection of high capacity disk drives

Typical SATA disk drives with the same volume of fibre channel (Fibre Channel) compared to the disk drive, you can save about half of the energy. Also, they can provide the highest storage density available disk drives to further reduce energy consumption. Some SATA disk with the disk repair and data protection technologies are becoming more popular, become the ideal for many business applications.

3. reduce the number of disk drives to prevent disk failures

SATA disk drive data storage capacity than a Fibre Channel disk drives, but we must not neglect the data reliability. Popular two-interval (Dual-parity) RAID-DP, to provide higher storage utilization and error tolerance data to repair two failed disk drives.

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