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Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts Maintenance Methods
Jun 08, 2017

Precision sheet metal, is the product of science and technology, is the capital of CNC processing equipment sublimation. Precision sheet metal is the future development trend of sheet metal industry, CNC machining equipment is the future development of sheet metal processing industry, the protection of parts. Today, the number of processing of small series to come to tell you about the Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts of the maintenance of CNC equipment

Before class

1 check the machine outside the road track and sliding surface.

2. According to the provisions of the run of each place, the amount of oil in line with the demand.

3 check the place of each handle.

4 empty test run

After two classes

1 clean the debris completely clean

2. Wipe all parts of the machine

3. Component homing

4. Seriously fill in the succession and other records

Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts factory technical staff to clean up the appearance

1. clean up its appearance there are dead ends, remove the clean up every cover, need inside and outside clean no dirt, no rust and iron does not exist yellow robe

Clean up inside the inside clean.

2. Clean up the track there are workstations, no injuries and oil.

3. Clean the magazine, there is no dirt on each bracket

Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts factory inspection three lubrication

 Check the lubrication system is not normal, high quality meet the requirements, the tube is not smooth, the pressure is not no exception, its sensitive and reliable.

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