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Summer Cool Why Mechanical Keyboard With Metal Panel
Oct 27, 2017

We usually buy mechanical keyboard, you will find two very fun phenomenon, one of the mechanical keyboard is now using a lot of floating keycap, and second, most of them are using a metal panel. Is the metal panel just a cool or cool summer function? Today, we are talking about what the metal panel in the end what is the use.

Aluminum alloy panel

Before the mechanical keyboard is more embedded keycap design, this keyboard has three major shortcomings, one is not easy to clean up, the gap is easy to filth, and second, poor water resistance is not conducive to the free flow of water, the third is the keycap Disassembly is not convenient. Later in order to solve these three problems, the invention of the keyboard keys hanging. This time the shaft is not embedded in the groove, but embedded in the panel, in order to increase the stability of the shaft, while enhancing the feel, metal panels came into being. Of course, the emergence of removable shafts, but also to promote the development of floating keycap keyboard.

Suspension keycap

At present, the use of metal panel, suspension keycap design of the keyboard more and more, in the choice of time can be described as dazzling, the following, the author in place we introduce several commercially available mechanical keyboard products!

Alloy Edition hybrid keyboard is a 104 +4 key of the black axis mechanical keyboard. The keyboard uses a mix of color backlight system, can support up to 19 kinds of lighting mode, so that the keyboard interesting. Suspension keycap design makes the keyboard easy to clean, ABS material two-color injection keycap, easy to fade and wear resistance. The keyboard has black and white two colors to facilitate the player to choose. The keyboard body is made of skin-matte aluminum alloy, the surface printed with "VPRO" logo, showing a high-standard production process.

Wolf Suzaku Ciy1.0 keyboard is a 87 key color mixing mechanical keyboard. There are black, red, green, tea four kinds of shaft body optional. The biggest feature of the keyboard is the use of removable shaft body. The mechanical keyboard uses the wolves to produce their own shaft, the biggest feature is the use of a removable shaft design, not only to extend the life of the mechanical keyboard, but also to meet the players DIY fun. The keyboard is made of aluminum alloy panel design, the surface using sandblasting process, the edge of the use of high-precision CNC trimming process, feel smooth, and no fingerprints.

The keyboard has a USB rate of up to 1000Hz. It uses a floating button design, key design using ergonomic layout, keycap ABS material using two-color injection molding process, character light, wear. The mechanical keyboard has a 6-color mix of backlight effects and full-key no red design, backlighting colorful while also easy to play the game player needs.

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