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The Engraving Of Metal Panels
Jun 20, 2017

At present, the mechanical keyboard on the market mainly to narrow the border and the suspension button + metal panels two styles, suspension button + metal panels concise style, increasingly popular, peripheral brands have also launched their own products, Luo is the latest This type of keyboard manufacturers, and now the first metal panels, floating button mechanical keyboard G413 has been in the domestic sale, the following we look at the evaluation of the keyboard.

G413 mechanical keyboard packaging style mature and stable, all black background, with blue and white color font notes, the front is the product of the physical design, quite convincing, the back of the product is the characteristics of the package, the left side of the packaging and some of the basic products parameter.

Inside the black carton packaging, surrounded by a certain thickness of the compartment, the keyboard placed by the transparent plastic package which can be a good protection of the keyboard.

Accessories are: G413 mechanical keyboard, a group of keycap, pull the key, manual, warranty card and security instructions.

G413 mechanical keyboard with the standard American 104 key arrangement, modeling is the first time using Logitech metal panels and floating button design, the overall style of simple atmosphere, the current keyboard with black and white two options, the main distinction in the metal panels, white Section is silver, while the black version is carbon black. At present, this style more mechanical keyboard, from the overall shape point of view, and not much of the characteristics, the following we have to look down on its characteristics.

Radio enthusiasts in the self-made some electronic equipment, it is difficult in the metal panels equipment on the characterization of their own text and graphics. Here is a simple lettering method.

First to be the lettering of the metal panels rust, decontamination, to grease, after drying the metal plate to be engraved words or graphics with a pen out, and then on the fire on the metal plate baking and coated with a layer of wax , To be cooled with a knife after the word or graphics on the wax scraping off, revealing the metal. In this way, where the words and graphics to be carved below the wax surface, the formation of concave. The above metal plate on the level of the desktop, in the concave poured into the salt water, in the solution under the action of the surface tension, the brine will be slightly higher than the wax surface. Find a No. 5 battery carbon rod, wire it with the regulator power supply (output 6-9 volts) connected to the negative, the positive power supply with alligator clip clip in the metal plate. After the power is turned on, the carbon rod is held to keep it on the surface of the brine. After a few minutes, the metal plate is formed with a concave or graphic under the action of electrolysis. The depth of the concave or concave pattern is related to the length of the electrolytic electrolysis. After that, re-wash the metal panels, coated with the required color can be used, this method is not only easy to grasp the letter and good-looking.

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