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The Original Case, The Phone Metal Enclosures CNC Machining
Oct 27, 2017

In this era of extremely user experience, more and more mobile phones, notebooks, wear equipment manufacturers began to force in the Metal enclosures material. Only from the mobile phone field, the phone shell material is gradually from the engineering plastics to metal transition.

During the evolution of the phone shell material, there have been many combinations: plastic and metal, glass and metal, all plastic, all glass, but in the end did not cover all the metal material of the limelight. From the actual touch experience, all-metal mobile phone does have a wide range of outstanding experience, regardless of appearance or feel are better than other materials.

Mention all Metal enclosures, must mention CNC. At present, 3C products are all Metal enclosures are basically CNC machine tools (Computer numerical control machine tools, CNC) processing. CNC because of its high efficiency, high precision, the advantages of stable processing of the 3C shell manufacturers to become the necessary equipment.

All-in-one CNC machining process was first created by Apple - Aluminum is made of a solid pillar solid aluminum, which is cut into the prototype of the integrated body with precision machining. With the fuselage gradually forming, the keyboard shape on the fuselage And a variety of subtle structures are milled out. This process consists of nine CNC milling processes, nine after the process will get a precision one molding shell.

Shell manufacturers from programming to get finished products need to be rough, semi-rough, semi-finishing, finishing and other multi-channel processes, often the whole process requires more than 10 stations to get finished products, want to improve the yield, each process Need strict control.

First, CNC processing pre-sequence work: modeling and programming

Before CNC machining begins, you first need to model and program. The difficulty of 3D modeling is determined by the structure of the product. The complex product modeling is difficult and the programming process is more and more complicated. Programming includes the processing of the process set, tool selection, speed settings, the distance between the feed each time and so on. In addition, different products of different clamping methods, in the processing before the design of fixtures, some of the complex structure of the product need to do a special fixture.

Programming includes the entire product processing technology, although the follow-up CNC automation is completed, but the pre-programming must practice the experience of personnel to operate, to avoid multiple trial and error to improve costs.

Second, the main processing technology

The use of high-speed drilling center will be precision milling aluminum plate into a certain size of the three-dimensional volume, ready for the next process processing.

Rough milling: After positioning the rough milling of the inner cavity structure, with the fixture combined with the positioning column, milling to the outside of most of the redundant material.

Milling antenna slot: all-metal shell signal problem is very difficult, need to milling the antenna slot for the signal to leave the transmission path, to maintain the necessary connection points to ensure the strength and overall sense of the fuselage.

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