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The Role Of The Network /Network /server Cabinets Seal
Oct 12, 2017

Network /Network /server Cabinets in the role of the ring, a rare Network /Network /server Cabinets frame to adopt nine fold profiles riveting into one, the nominal length of the profile is 25mm modulus device hole, the structure is extremely strong, wonderful, great external device time. Behind the door with 130O dark hinge, the door of the device and the unloading, extremely convenient with three-point iron lock, and the frame contact with plastic foam was reached high protection level.

Cabinet manufacturers can be based on the request of the depositors on the brush without the same paint, signs, manufacturing specifications disparity of the device hole, complete, optional, the replacement of the device accessories will be able to meet your needs.

Chassis cabinets are installed in addition to the need to carefully look at the instructions, some of the device guidelines also need to comply with.

1, the device element should abide by the convenience of wiring, lunch protection, change, the device to protect the yuan parts of the device uniform, correct, grade clear, fastening device.

2, on the fever components should be arranged in strict accordance with the disk show an attempt to show after the show and the device size chart implementation; cabinet all the mechanical parts model specifications and drawings of the request to be completely different.

3, we will certainly make sure that the bottom of the cabinet 300mm above the category did not have to set the yuan parts, in addition to a special situation.

4, all connected to the bus of the small fuse must be installed on the bus side

5, the device sensor, insulation detection sensor, the sensor arrows on the location of the arrow should be different from the DC position, the inside of the battery fuse is broken in the sensor arrows pointed out the position should be different from the battery pack inflatable DC position.

6, the same center of the same kind of goods to protect the status of elements of the device, the form of movement, the overall pattern of differences.

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