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Understand The Relationship Between Electronic Cabinets And Materials
May 25, 2017

For the electronic cabinets, high-quality processing technology can be a good way to avoid the development of failure, and improper handling will cause processing errors, so we installed, the isolation system is very important.

Often, when the Electronic Cabinets is in the working state, it will certainly produce a certain degree of vibration, but if the time is too long, the internal equipment will also cause damage. In this case, the installation of vibration isolation system will reduce a certain degree of damage.

For this damage caused by the phenomenon, will be arranged in advance a complete set of inspection measures to detect the problem. If this is the case, it is certainly possible to meet the requirements of the electronic cabinet.

The application principle of the vibration isolation system is such that it is equivalent to the role of a shock absorber. In this way, the internal resonance of the electronic cabinet can be amplified because the time is short, so the transmission rate is relatively low, Have too much impact.

Electronic Cabinets products are now widely used in the engine room, in order to ensure the demand from different environments, the chassis chassis products are all-encompassing, especially the material, we can see a sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel, nine Folding profiles, etc., then the chassis cabinet quality and performance and these are what is the relationship?

A good chassis cabinet products have to admit that the material is definitely a direct factor. The general material and its performance has a great connection, the material directly affects the performance of high and low, so that the chassis cabinet has a grade of the sub-often depends on the quality of the material and poor quality.

Chassis cabinet materials are generally aluminum and cold-rolled steel plate two kinds of materials, aluminum-type Electronic Cabinets are generally more lightweight, suitable for stacking light equipment, and the price is relatively cheap. Aluminum-type chassis cabinets also have imported and domestic points. But in most cases, because the texture is different so the physical out of the manufacturing there are some differences, this difference is especially for large size out of the larger.

Cold-rolled steel plate manufacturing Electronic Cabinets generally have high mechanical strength, bearing the characteristics of large, cold-rolled steel sheet material thickness and quality and process are directly related to the quality and performance of the product.

Whether you choose aluminum-type chassis or cold-rolled steel plate Electronic Cabinets must pay attention to the chassis and the performance of the cabinet should be inseparable.

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