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What Are The Varieties Of Metal Panels?
Sep 26, 2017

With the continuous increase in decoration Metal Panels, near the Internet asked the metal panel related knowledge of the people gradually increased, we want to know what kind of metal ornaments?

1. Decorative Metal Panels are made of wood, porcelain, metal or stone. Commonly common decorative panels are usually divided into natural wood veneer and artificial veneer trim panels. Natural wood veneer veneer with natural wood pattern, texture pattern is more natural, no regular variability. The artificial thin wood decorative panel pattern is more rules, texture straight, full use of timber resources, the cost is relatively low.

2. Similarly, the decorative panels can be classified according to the different types of wood, the current market, mainly decorated walnut panels, maple decorative panels, fried rice ornaments panels, teak trim panels, southwest gardening panels and beech wood ornaments Panel and so on.

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