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What Is A Server Chassis
Sep 10, 2016

Server chassis is a problem not to be ignored, and chassis problems include:

Temperature: cooling components within the chassis? Fans (usually comes from the power supply), should a direct blow or blows through processor.

Scalability: to select a chassis that has adequate space, for use in network expansion. Determined that you have enough space to add more hard drives and other peripherals. Check inside the chassis to ensure no sharp edges. Future upgrades, the technicians secure and prevent cables from accidentally being cut off is very important. Chassis should also allow maintenance personnel to easily access to internal components for future upgrades and troubleshooting.

Security: because your server to save important files and more expensive items on the Web, so security issues to consider. Server chassis can be locked to prevent the illegal demolition.

Authentication: select your chassis/case and power supply of the host environment requires that the certificate. Typical certification FCC, CE and UL.

For general business of departmental-class servers, generally choose to 4U or tower servers, yet how powerful the server choose a stable and safe home, but it is an often neglected issue.

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