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What Is The Difference Between A Standard Cabinet, A Network /server Cabinets, And A Wall Cabinet?
Oct 12, 2017

Standard cabinets are 19-inch cabinets, 19-inch cabinets is the net width to meet the national standard, usually some of the network equipment are standard, such as switches, servers are standard, these are generally using 19-inch cabinets , And we produce the cabinet are also placed these devices.

Network /server Cabinets is deep, but there is no uniform, and often some customers asked us to 2 meters of the Network /server Cabinets, this is not clear Q & A, our general Network /server Cabinets are 800mm, 900mm ,, 1000mm deep cabinets are Belong to the Network /server Cabinets. The server cabinet is not how deep the server is deep.

Wall cabinet is less than one meter of the cabinet in general we will call him wall cabinet. Wall cabinet is generally referred to 6u, 9u, 12u three specifications of the most commonly used cabinet, wall cabinet is fixed by the expansion of the wall on the wall cabinet, wall cabinet height is divided into 320mm, 450, mm, 590mm, 770mm ,, wall The depth of the cabinet is 450mm, their width is 19 inches standard.

The wall cabinet also has a cabinet with casters, which are smaller than the network cabinets and Network /server Cabinets, are mobile, is to facilitate the release of some small and light equipment, his specifications are: 700 * 540 * 450 (high Width and depth mm), the size can also be customized according to customer needs.

The above can be compared to standard cabinets, Network /server Cabinets and wall cabinet What are the differences.

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