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What Is The Difference Between VCM Panel And Metal Panels?
Sep 26, 2017

Usually we see the refrigerator Metal Panels, the basic can be divided into three categories: PCM, PVC, PVT, commonly known as paint, drawing, glass steel. The most practical is the drawing panel, paint panels easy to change color, glass fiber reinforced plastic panels are easier to sticky fingerprints, a little better refrigerator with stainless steel sheet, of course, this cost is the highest. Now the market sales of the refrigerator panel material popular with tempered glass material, the cost is more moderate. Some of the use of acrylic plate imitation glass, the cost will be cheaper.

If the refrigerator panel with ordinary steel paint, this is the cheapest. And ordinary steel plate plus VCM film, will make the refrigerator look more beautiful, the cost is moderate. PCM steel is a precoated steel plate, this material is also very common.

Many fridge are using VCM panel, what exactly is this? In fact, VCM panel is a metal coated board, that is, in the metal plates surface covered with pvc there pet film, so that you can print on the film all kinds of colors, and then sub-matt and high light and other different texture, Pressure plate (this steel plate may be stainless steel plate or galvanized sheet). As the film products are diverse, so you can create a very beautiful patterns and patterns, in order to attract consumers to buy.

The difference between a refrigerator's PCM panel and a VCM panel is that the last process of product production and manufacturing is painting and painting, but there are also ways to pre-coat the steel sheet into a product. PCM English abbreviation is Pre-coated metal, is the pre-coated metal platesMetal Panels meaning. The PCM with the paint on the pre-coated metal plates, and then coated with the metal plates after forming, and finally into a variety of products. This method of PCM efficiency and paint savings and coating quality can be said to be better and better than the equipment for coating molding.

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