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What Is The Material Of The Metal Boxes?
Jun 20, 2017

Metal with a strong, compression, not broken, airtight, moisture and ductility and other characteristics. Used in the Metal Boxes packaging, its advantages are more prominent. So, what are our common Metal Boxes packaging materials?

First, aluminum: aluminum as the base material plus other metal synthesis for the aluminum alloy. It has a small proportion, will not produce corrosion, ductility, and can be directly printed, etc., can be used to make cans, plates, cups, covers and other packaging design containers.

Second, the tinplate: tin plated on both sides of the thin steel plate, in the perfect protective layer, the metal luster lasting, corrosion-resistant. Because of its own tough and easy to print and other advantages, commonly used to do high-level biscuits, coffee, tea, chocolate milk, canned food packaging containers.

Third, aluminum foil: aluminum foil is not more than 0.2mm thickness of aluminum or aluminum foil, it is a wide range of metal foil used, the larger amount of a packaging design materials. It is characterized by light weight, good shading, smooth surface gloss, light and heat have a high ability to reflect.

Of course, because the Metal Boxes packaging materials are different, in addition to food packaging can be used for biscuits, but also can be used for frozen fruit, meat, coffee, butter, cheese and other packaging.

Metal Boxes packaging is the use of printing pressure, the blanket to the printing plate graphic transfer to the Metal Boxes, the printing process and ordinary offset printing is very different. In order to be able to make Metal Boxes packaging printing packaging more attractive, need to follow a certain printing principle.

1. Because the food Metal Boxes packaging has a special physical and chemical properties and the reprocessing performance of printed matter, the printing process and ordinary offset printing is quite different.

2. Production of Metal Boxes before packaging should be sprayed with mortar or dry residue bottom, the Metal Boxes should not have water, wet and other debris appear.

3. In the printing of Metal Boxes packaging surface also need to cover a layer of bright oil, in order to increase the printing surface gloss. At the same time, this layer of bright oil can also improve the hardness of the product surface, so that the printing ink layer has a certain flexibility and corrosion resistance.

When the Metal Boxes packaging in accordance with the above three principles to complete the printing, the production of the Metal Boxes more beautiful, attractive eye, increase the charm of food index!

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