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When You Buy The Network /server Cabinets To Pay Attention To The Four Points
Jul 01, 2017

In order to protect the equipment storage, shielding electromagnetic interference, neat, orderly arrangement of equipment to facilitate future maintenance equipment, people will use the cabinet. Network /server Cabinets are generally made of cold-rolled steel or alloy, can be divided into server cabinets, network cabinets, console cabinets and other types. Its widely used in computer network equipment, wireless communications equipment, electronic equipment, the stack.

The biggest advantage of the Network /server Cabinets is that it can systematically solve the high-density cooling in computer applications, a large number of cable attachment and management, large-capacity power distribution and fully compatible with different manufacturers rack equipment problems, so that the data center can High-speed stability of the environment to run. So we must buy the Network /server Cabinets when the purchase of good quality.

When you buy the Network /server Cabinets to pay attention to the four points one, look at the cabinet accessories

We all know that the installation includes network cables, telecommunications cables and power cables, the need to buy hooks or tape with a tape to effectively order the cable fixed in the Network /server Cabinets inside. If the cabinet with a cable management module so that the cable can be directly fixed in the vertical mounting rail, the better. In either case, the upper and upper walls of the cabinet should have sufficient retaining rings (to protect the cables), or by lifting the bottom of the cabinet for the following traces. There are some screws used to fix the rack, nuts, etc., but also enough. Or in the future because of the expansion of accessories caused by the lack of trouble.

When buying the Network /server Cabinets to pay attention to the four points two, look at the cabinet steel plate

Steel plate must be thick, shop around, you knock with your fingers, you can feel what the thin which thin. There are Network /server Cabinets inside the bracket to be large, because you can withstand more heavy pressure, do not underestimate those switches, more than a dozen add up, are very heavy.

When you buy the Network /server Cabinets to pay attention to the four points three, look at the cabinet paint

A qualified Network /server Cabinets, all the steel need to paint, and paint must be uniform, so as to good rust, dust and so on.

Buy the Network /server Cabinets to pay attention to the four points four, look at the cabinet glass

The glass must be thicker, but also pay attention to whether the cracks around the glass, if there are cracks, it means that there are hidden.

In summary, starting from the four points in the purchase time more attention, we can easily choose to the quality of the Network /server Cabinets. This will allow our equipment to have a good working environment, to ensure its high-speed and stable work.

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