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Why Choose A Network Electronic Cabinets?
Jul 11, 2017

Today console console to give you the introduction of this content, I hope you through the introduction of this article, you can on the electronic cabinets of the technical requirements and other aspects of the content have a certain understanding and understanding, the following to follow my company's experts Take a look at the relevant content

Do not know the use of the last electronic cabinets We still remember the importance of the cabinet, so the technical requirements in the production of electronic cabinets are also very high, so today to introduce the technical requirements of the cabinet.

(1) should have a very good technical performance. According to the workplace and use of the electronic cabinets feel that the cabinet should be anti-vibration, impact resistance, erosion resistance, dust, water, radiation and other properties, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

(2) electronic cabinets should have good performance and perfect safety protection measures to facilitate the late installation, operation and maintenance, and to ensure the safety of the staff.

(3) electronic cabinets should also facilitate the production, assembly, commissioning and packaging transport.

(4) should be standardized, standardized, serialized requirements.

(5) modeling must be beautiful, the color must be coordinated, more importantly, apply

5 technical requirements on the electronic cabinets cabinet, the cabinet of the technical requirements you remember it?

After a period of use, the equipment inside the electronic cabinets needs to be cleaned to prevent dust from affecting the operation.

Clean the cabinet inside the cabinet is best to unload the various components of the eight, each card are removed separately cleaning. For the board, the cleaning is mainly dust. The use of soft brush and blowing bladder to carry out, this process is very simple, do not go into details. To remind you that the use of brush dust do not force too much, be careful of the components on the board. For the heat sink inside the brush and other parts of the brush can not be used to clean the ball to complete the use of blowing.

Some people feel that this trouble again, to prevent the chassis into the dust inside the cabinet, which is unrealistic, because the need for external cooling, the fans outside the exchange of air. It is inevitable to enter the dust. It is best to keep the room clean and to clean the dust on a regular basis.

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